About Everything Else


The digital files you purchase through this site are PDFs, formatted for standard North American letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches, portrait orientation -- despite the layout suggested in some of the YouTube videos). After you make your purchase, stay on the checkout page and your download will quickly be made available to you. You will also receive text and email notification of your purchase. 

Organ Music

My general approach when writing for the organ is to make everything playable on a simple, two manual instrument without a large number of stops or registration aids. The organ works available here are marked with that strategy in mind. I fully expect that, where larger instruments are available, the full resources of those instruments will be exploited. 

The organ performances were created digitally, and I made every effort to make them as realistic as possible. While the simple, relatively generic registration suggestions marked in the music are followed as closely as possible, these performances also contain many unmarked registration changes that may be difficult to duplicate without an assistant. Some of the tempi may be a bit brisk.

Choral Music

When I began writing and selling church music, I was advised that I would be severely limiting my market if I did not offer my works in a variety of voicings and instrumentations. This is, without a doubt, true. But I don't believe it is worth the time, at this point, to preemptively create multiple arrangements of each of my anthems. I will certainly consider doing so if there is enough interest. I trust that a sensitive director will be able to make them work if they want to.

Choral music, like instrumental music, is formatted for 8.5 x 11 inch paper. While this is an inconvenient size for singers, it is a very convenient size to download and print. Also, remember that this site relies on your honesty and respect. There is nothing preventing anyone from purchasing a single download and photocopying as many copies as needed. Please purchase a number of copies that somewhat resembles the number you will actually require.

Demo Recordings

Many pieces have links to performances. Some of these performances are live, and others have been digitally created. Performances available for purchase though vendors are listed on the links.

Store Name

Flying Buttress was the name under which I sold music when I lived on the West Coast. In setting up this shop, I decided to try something a little less... quirky. But Broughton Street Music (the original name for this site--it's a long story), as it turns out, is unacceptable for use as a DBA in the county where I live (who knew?). So it's back to Flying Buttress. Hopefully, I won't have to change it again. Sorry for the confusion.