Chris Kovarik, composer

Kovarik's music has been described as "timeless," "lyrical," and "harmonically rich and exciting." Chris writes in a style that incorporates a broad range of musical influences, probably best described as post-modern, combining elements of traditional European music (from the Renaissance to the Modern), traditional jazz, pop, Broadway, and anything else deemed remotely interesting. Jazz harmony co-exists with 17th-Century counterpoint. Sweeping Romantic melodies are built using complex serial techniques. German Baroque textures are juxtaposed with those of the French Romantic. But, in spite of the range of influences, the music displays a remarkable consistency, blending seamlessly, and resulting in a sound that is always homogenous and distinct.

Kovarik holds degrees from the universities of Windsor (B.Mus.), British Columbia (M.Mus.), and SUNY Stony Brook (Ph.D.); teaches at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY; and is a church organist and music director in Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY.