Sonata for Flute and Piano

Sonata for Flute and Piano

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This is a major work featuring a rich harmonic palette and a lyrical melodic style. The first movement opens with a stern introduction (with a brief cadenza for the flute) which gives way to a predominantly mysterious main section. The serene mood of the second movement is interrupted by a brief recollection of the previous movement before its hauntingly beautiful ending. The final movement provides a driving conclusion, revisiting and summing up themes from the earlier movements. This sonata is a rewarding challenge for both players.

  1. Majestic and Sinister; Unsettled, but not too fast; etc - ca. 6:30
  2. Calm and serene - ca. 4:30
  3. Driving - ca. 5:40

This download contains both the flute/piano score (33 pages) and the flute part (10 pages); total duration ca. 17:00

Click for a recording of the opening movement.

Click for a recording of the second movement.

Click for a recording of the final movement.